Will Mike Ashley ever be satisfied?

If you were to go ahead and ask Roman Abramovich what would satisfy him in football terms, he would say the Champions League trophy. Similarly, if you asked the Glazer family what they would need to be satisfied in club football, they would probably admit that they would like to see the club help them to amass an even greater profit capable of wiping out their personal debts and adding to their private fortunes. This is perhaps not as laudable as Abramovich’s aim but is nevertheless understandable.

Compare these two to Mike Ashley and it appears that nothing could possibly satisfy a man who seems to want everything, but has no idea he is going to get it, leading him to be inevitably and perpetually unsatisfied with any manager whom he chooses to appoint on an apparent whim. The football rumors suggest Alan Pardew will be next, and you have to wonder how long he will last.

Although this might be acceptable if his lack of satisfaction didn’t affect the very hopes and dreams of thousands of passionate fans, his actions have also massively held the club back from achieving its full potential, which has almost certainly only served to increase his sense of frustration at the lack of success he has seen at the club since he took over .

Should Ashley ever wish to enjoy success at Newcastle United, then perhaps he should take a page out of the Arsenal board’s book and stand back and put full faith in a manager, even when things are not going to plan, rather than follow the Real Madrid model of constant interference, which has more than often failed to produce the trophies that have been so badly desired. They’ll be a few Premier League bets placed on Newcastle going down this season.

However, with Ashley still appearing to lack the good grace to step back from the club and let the professionals run it properly, the next Newcastle manager may already be doomed before they have even started.

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