Time to get tough on the tough men

The time has come to get tough on the tough tacklers. A recent spate of bad injuries caused by dangerous and reckless tackles has brought the issue into the limelight, but those who often look at football betting prices note how something should have been done earlier.dekor-okno.ru

There has been a tendency to excuse bad fouls, with the apologists citing the speed of the game and its status as a ‘contact sport’ – a canard that is not supported by the game’s rule book . Foul play should always be punished and it is clear that serious foul play should be especially harshly dealt with.

Danny Murphy is right to blame managers for the current situation. Too often we here them defend players who have injured an opponent with the mantra that he is ‘not a dirty player’. It makes it too easy for players to justify their aggressive tackling, but the offenders need to take responsibility for fellow professionals.

No one believes that players purposefully harm each other, but there must be a realization that certain types of tackles carry risk to the opponent. A strengthening of the sanctions available to the authorities would soon stop players feeling they can get away with mis-timed tackles that are in fact dangerous fouls.movie download

The status quo of being unable to upgrade the punishment of a player who was booked for his infringement needs to be altered. If a mistake was made by the referee, why compound it by not changing it? Nigel de Jong cannot be disciplined for his crude challenge on Hatem Ben Arfa as referee Martin Atkinson did not award a foul.

Football betting pundits agree that this also needs to be changed, with the implementation of a rugby-style citing system attractive. In truth de Jong has borne the brunt of the backlash on the tough men, losing his international place and becoming something of a marked man for Premier League referees. This is no bad thing, as who would you rather see this season – hatchet man de Jong or the skilful Ben Arfa? We will see only on over the coming months.

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