Rooney move to City not unthinkable

There was a time that anyone suggesting Manchester United’s best player would choose a move to Manchester City would be considered delusional. That time has passed. The fierce neighbours are operating in different worlds they have grown accustomed to over the last 40 years and as rumours of Wayne Rooney’s proposed switch across the city gain momentum, they gain credence.????

The selection of City over United is perhaps the easy bit for Rooney. He has endured a disastrous six months on and off the pitch and might feel a move will revitalise his career more than Sir Alex Ferguson can.

The riches of Eastlands are attractive for a man settled in Manchester who would not be alone in thinking United and City are going in opposite directions in both footballing and financial terms. Old Trafford does not hold the allure it once did, as Cristiano Ronaldo’s desperation to move to Real Madrid proved and City are proving adept at attracting star players .

Football betting pundits note how coping with the rancour a cross-city move would generate would be the hard bit for Rooney, as he would become a hate figure in his home town. However, just Ronaldo’s move last year provides inspiration, there are other precedents that might reassure the unsettled England star.

Rooney can look at Carlos Tevez, who has flourished since swapping Manchester red for blue. The adulation of his new supporters compensates for the bile directed at him from his former followers. In this regard Rooney can look at himself, as he might consider things can hardly get worse than are for him at Goodison Park. He has never let the abuse Everton fans reserve for him affect him.

Ferguson rarely loses out in personal battles with players – he generally keeps the ones he wants and sends packing the ones who outstay their welcome – but that hold is weakening. As strange as it may seem, if football betting prices are to back anyone to test his resolve, it is City.

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