Nike Academy – First Match Highlights

The Nike Academy players just stepped-up to their toughest test yet a competitive match against Brighton & Hove Albions Academy team.

All of their specialist training would now be put into action. Could they gel as a team? Would their physical and mental preparation be enough to challenge a squad of players with professional contracts in their hands? This was the perfect chance to put themselves in the shop window, they had to shine.

As the game got underway the pressure got hot. Within the first 20 minutes the Academy found themselves two goals down crumbling point for some but quit is a dirty word at the Nike Academy.

The Academy kept their cool and quickly fought back with two well-taken chances from Sam Lechmere and Captain, Lee Brennan. In the second half, Kieran Forbes rose well and stormed home a well-placed header to give Nike Academy a 2-3 lead. The match ended 3-3 and our trainees proved they can bear their teeth when it counts.

Now theyve had a taste of whats required, its time to see whos really hungry.

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