Galacticos Set For Second Coming As Ronaldo Bid Accepted

C. Ronaldo and Kaka

Real Madrid are on the verge of breaking their own world record after Manchester United accepted a bid of £80million for Ronaldo.

Not content with spending £56million on Kaka, returning Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is now set to break the transfer world record twice in the space of a few days.

Perez was the man at the helm between 2000 and 2006 when he assembled Madrid’s first team of ‘galacticos’. They too included the most expensive player in the world twice over – Luis Figo was followed through the door by Zinedine Zidane who signed for a cool £45.6million. Crucially for Perez the team were also successful, winning the Champions League twice in the space of three seasons. It is this fact more than any other that has carried an unopposed Perez back into power; Madrid fans have been starved of European success in recent years and are desperate for a return to former glories.

The speed at which the Spanish side have been concluding deals has been particularly impressive. In the past, transfers of this magnitude have been long drawn out affairs; indeed last summers big transfer saga saw Madrid tracking Ronaldo to no avail. However this summers transfer tactic seems to be act now, ask questions later and Madrid hope to agree personal terms with the Portuguese winger: “in the next few days”.

Whether the World and European footballer of the year is worth the money is another story entirely. By all accounts Ronaldo has had a below average season by his high standards and he is also prone to the odd tantrum – both factors that Sir Alex Ferguson will have considered when deciding to accept the bid. He is also likely to have taken into account the wingers loyalty, or rather lack of. According to a Manchester United statement the decision came after he: “again expressed his desire to leave”.

So Ronaldo and Real finally have their wish. If it’s enough to dethrone fierce rivals Barcelona it will have been a wish worth waiting for.


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