FIFA World Cup Qualifying Rounds

The qualification rounds prior to the World Cup in South Africa 2010 are fully underway now, with many important matches being played over the weekend and will continued to be played during this week.

With most of the teams expecting to do well coming out victorious, with Argentina strolling past Venezuela 4-0 and Holland smashing three past Scotland are just two examples of how some of the best teams continued to progress in their quest to reach the 2010 finals. However, one of the biggest enigma’s in international football is that of Portugal.

A successful team in modern football, reaching the semi finals of the European Championships in 2000 and even going one further in the 2004 final before narrowly losing out to Greece. But, for some reason or another, they are underachieving once again in the World Cup qualifiers. With notable goalless draws against the inferior Sweden and Albania, many are questioning Portugal’s ability to reach the finals in South Africa. The new boss, Carlos Queiroz appears to be struggling in his transition from assistant manager to a manager, while their stars are under performing. Ronaldo, Deco, Nani and other stars have failed to reach the heights they do at club level, and are yet to replicate it consistently at an international level under Queiroz.

It may come as a big surprise for some, but currently Portugal are struggling in their group, behind Denmark and Hungary by a significant four points. And, unless they improve their performances and results dramatically in the near future, we may be looking at one of the biggest surprises in the European qualifiers.

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