FIFA reform? You’re ‘aving a laugh

Imagine holding a position that allows you to decide the future of the most popular game in the world, albeit one that you are really not too bothered about if you’re being honest, as long as it still brings in the cash and the punters. Add to this the fact that you’re able to be wined and dined by the world’s most powerful people and yes, you’ve guessed it, you are living the life of a FIFA executive member. Whilst this is clearly an overly simplified description of the role and attitude of FIFA executive members, it does hopefully portray a sense of just how much the odds are stacked against FIFA reform.

With England the favorites for a long time on odds comparison sites to win their bid, the FA were clearly enraged that they were bitten after deciding that they wanted to jump into a pool of sharks when they chose to bid for the right to host the 2018 World Cup and have now launched a staunch attack on the organisation that they have attempted to woo in recent times.

However, with the FA forced to admit that they cannot leave FIFA, they have already withdrawn their only negotiating weapon in the battle to force through reform, with any threat not to bid again for the right to host the World Cup likely to be laughed off by FIFA.

Despite all this, the fact remains that FIFA know they have seen their reputation severely damaged by the bidding process and the media reports that have surrounded it, something that they know has impacted upon their credibility across the globe. If they are to attempt to recover this credibility, they may have to start thinking about possibly reforming, or at least altering, their cherished positions as kingmakers, which begs the question as to whether they actually care about their reputation.

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