City losses show the cost of trying to buy success

Whereas Chelsea have been able, in recent years, to slim down their wage bill and the amount spent on transfers, Manchester City have apparently been looking to set new records when it comes to outspending a club’s incoming

This was highlighted on Friday when the club announced that they had managed to achieve a spectacular £121 million loss for the 12 months to May 31st 2010. Perhaps more worrying was the fact that City not only managed to achieve this staggering loss, but wages also exceeded the club’s total turnover. Take into account when you read this stat that most clubs consider it extremely bad form if they manage to spend more than half of their turnover on wages. The Manchester City betting suggests they are primed for glory this season, but their financial situation seems unsustainable without the backing of the owners.

Although it was clear a massive amount of money would be needed to help City meet their ambitions, the recent news has emphasised the massive difference between the best and the rest in the Premier League, something that is worrying to say the least. With Blackpool currently have a £10,000 per week salary cap in place and the fact that City can offer ten times that amount goes to show that the Premier League may need to act fast if it is to stop the competition becoming a two-tiered competition. The two clubs meet next weekend and the Blackpool betting suggests they will come away with nothing.

Despite UEFA introducing new rules which mean that clubs will be required to stay within the limits of strict financial rules if they wish to take their place in European competition, fans are already beginning to worry that sides with mega-rich owners are going to find ways around the plans which are supposed to introduce a level playing field.

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