Blackburn set for big money takeover?

They were the originally Premier League big spenders in the early 1990s but those heady days could return to Blackburn thanks to a proposed takeover.

Back in the early days of the Premier League local businessman-made-good Jack Walker pledged to turn his local side, then still in the old division two, into the champions of England.

He transformed the ramshackle stadium into one of the country’s finest and funded the signings of Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton as Rovers burst into the top division and finally topped the tree back in 1995.

The club have never come close to scaling those heights since, even dropping into the Championship for two years at the turn of the century. But they have since cut their cloth accordingly, establishing themselves in the top flight as a solid well run outfit.

But the Lancashire club – who marked ten years since Walker’s death this week – could be in the big money market again after a “cordial and productive meeting” with Indian businessman Ahsan Ali Syed’s company was held this week. Right now, the Premier League odds suggest the side are doing well to finish in the top half of the table, but all that could change.

The 36-year-old is believed to have around £300 million to fund any such takeover, with £100 million of that to given to boss Sam Allardyce to spend on players.

Unfortunately for big Sam the days of buying players like Shearer for just £3.5 million are long gone and £100 million is not enough to buy the team the title, just look at Manchester City. They certainly couldn’t make themselves Premier League betting favourites just by spending that sort of cash.

But what it could mean is a real chance to cement themselves in the top half of the league and push for Europe. Once playing continental competition the club can then look to build upwards.

Big Sam had already proven what he can do on a limited budget during his time at Bolton, where they were regularly competing in Europe.

A spending splurge could see Rovers emulate their county rivals and with some big money backing perhaps go further.

Exciting times could be ahead at Ewood.

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  1. Edward Sasam August 17th, 2010 at 11:47 am

    The takeover is well on its way and I’m sure there will be some interesting times ahead for Rover fans and football fans alike.

    To get the ball rolling its comfirmed that when the take over is finalised Big Sam will have £100 million to speand in the January transfer window.

    Its no-where near the chelsea’s and city’s of the league but even so with the money spent wisley and the right players coming it should make them a top6 threat.

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