A Five Horse Title Race?

English Premier League

We’ve heard the media go on about four, three and even two horse races before, however, we’ve never quite heard this one in recent years. The ‘big four’ have been the dominant force for the past few seasons, but with Aston Villa’s new found success under Martin O’Neil, the ‘big four’ could soon become a ‘big five’ and we may well have a five horse title race this season.

Realistically, many say it’s between Liverpool and Manchester United. Liverpool are top of the league at the moment and have been grinding out results like never before, however, haven’t won the league in 18 years so that lack of experience in recent years could handicap them. United, however, have hit some form as of late, and are certainly experienced in the department of winning a premiership trophy, picking up the award for the last two back to back.

Despite Chelsea’s bad form, everyone knows that they’ll be up and around there come the end of the season with the quality they possess in their ranks, even though it didn’t show in yesterday’s 3-0 defeat away to Manchester United. Arsenal have had a few good results as of late too, and with some great players like Robin Van Persie in their side, they’ll fancy their chances as well. But, the one everyone is talking about is Aston Villa, and the results keep on coming for them even when the performances don’t, a real sign of true premiership contenders.

Things will become a lot clearer over the next month or two to see who the real title contenders are, but at the moment, it definitely is a five horse race.


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